Welcome to Uffizi Now!

We are a simple service that helps visitors to Italy book tickets online to the Uffizi, one of the most famous museums in the world. Uffizi Now gives tourists the opportunity to explore some of the greatest galleries, sites, and tourist destinations easily and with as little down-time and hassle as possible.

Uffizi Now comes at a time when more and more people are planning trips to Italy and to Florence in particular. No trip to this Tuscan city is complete without a visit to the most popular collection of Renaissance art in the world, but wanting to see the collection and getting in without a hitch are two different things. Take it from someone who has experienced the long lines associated with this particular gallery.

We saw firsthand just how difficult and tiring it is for people to line up and wait for their turn at seeing the masterpieces of Michelangelo, Raphael, and da Vinci. These long waits to get into museums and galleries ate up most of the time people had on their vacation, giving them less time to enjoy the rest of Italy and their stay.

This is why Uffizi Now was born. The service helps people easily access the halls of the Uffizi and to book tickets as well as tours around Florence. With our flagship business, Tour Italy Now, we saw that tourists loved the convenience online booking gave them when it came to a hassle-free vacation.

Creating a service that allows clients to do this not only for their trip but also for the attractions they want to explore became important to us. Much like Tour Italy Now, Uffizi Now takes all of the hassle out of getting into the Uffizi and even gives you options that allow you to explore other parts of Florence to make your trip memorable. Want to see the Accademia on the same day as your tour of the Uffizi? How about exploring the Boboli Gardens after your museum tour? You can do that with our help and without wasting any of your time standing in line to get in to any of these attractions.

Our main goal is to give visitors the chance to experience Italy, and the popular sites people want to see like the Uffizi, without any hassle. We plan to expand the offerings we have to include more tour packages that incorporate other beloved sites in Florence with a tour of the Uffizi. Pretty soon, exploring the many wonderful places that people love will be easy for you to do.

We have been bringing clients to the Uffizi Gallery since 2002, and have created services based on what they want and what they experienced. We have guided tours that help you learn more about the paintings in the gallery, handouts that give you insight on what you are seeing, and tips on how to totally enjoy the artwork found there. We value your experience and we make sure that your trip to this must-see gallery becomes a wonderful lasting memory that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Book your trip and your online tickets to the Uffizi now and see what Italy is like without worrying about time wasted while you are there.