Why Book Online Tickets to the Uffizi?

When you go to Florence, the Uffizi is one tourist attraction you should never fail to visit. Whether you are a first-time visitor or someone who just wants to experience the majesty of it all again, going to this very popular gallery is never a bad idea. If you want to experience the beauty of the masterpieces inside without the hassle of falling in line for tickets, booking Uffizi tickets online in advance should be considered.


Skipping the Line

Who wants to stand in line for a few hours to get a ticket to see the most marvelous masterpieces in the world when there are easier options that let you get in sooner and without all the waiting? Skip the queues at ticket booths and the wait for when you can get in. Book your Uffizi and Accademia tickets online and ahead of schedule so you don’t waste a single minute of what should have been a grand experience.

One word of advice when you book your ticket is to keep track of your scheduled entrance to the museum. Your ticket is valid only for the day and the time that you booked, with a 20 minute allowance for late entrance. You are also advised to be at the Uffizi 15 minutes before the time you reserved as your entrance time.


Less Stress, Better Time Management

There are other benefits to getting your Uffizi tickets in advance. Aside from not needing to stand in line for your tickets and waiting for when you can get in, you won’t end up stressing over your itinerary for your visit. You have your ticket on hand and you have your museum schedule ahead of time, so you don’t need to fret about not being able to see one of the world’s most famous galleries when you get to Florence.

Uffizi Gallery- skip-the line
How to book tickets to Uffizi
How to book tickets to Uffizi

Book Ticket Packages to Other Museums and Florence Attractions

Aside from being able to see the Uffizi without hassle, you also get to see other museums in the area on the same day, like the Accademia or the Modern Art Gallery. You can also book visits to the Boboli Gardens in advance, giving you the freedom to enjoy your vacation without the worry of missing on seeing the sites you want to see. There are also options where you can get a guided tour of Florence, complete with lunch plus transportation to and from the places you will be visiting.


Different Kinds of Tickets

The tickets that are being sold for the museum come in three types – full, reduced price, and free. Full ticket price is charged to non-EU citizens who are over the age of 18 and all EU citizens over 25 years of age. Reduced price, on the other hand, are for EU citizens between the ages of 18 and 25 as well as teachers who work in public schools in EU who can present proof of their position.

Free tickets are for anyone under the age of 18, regardless of their nationality or citizenship. Journalists with a legitimate ID that shows their professional status are also allowed into the museum free of charge. Others who can enter the Uffizi without needing to buy tickets are EU citizens with handicaps or disabilities along with one accompanying member of their family and members of the International Council of Museums, or ICOM.

Reminder to those who are booking tickets for themselves and their kids: always remember to book “free” tickets for children who are under 17 years old and above 6 years of age.

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